Repurpose Project update – (4 Weeks in)

Reflecting on the re-purpose project, I realise that I was quite focused at the beginning of the project compared to my previous project. The re-purpose brief instructed us to make an outcome while keeping the idea of re-purposing in our mind. As I want to study Magazine Journalism and Publishing in the future, my chosen outcome is an 8-page editorial for Artefact magazine.

At the beginning of the project, I dabbled with three ideas that I could write an article on. I thought of writing an article on Bengal tigers, Students and recycling, or an experiment of living a week with the zero waste lifestyle. Recalling on my previous project, I decided to work on my secondary research before my primary research so that I may be absolutely sure of what I wanted to produce. After much consideration and receiving countless of input from others, I decided that I would attempt the week-long challenge of living with Zero waste. I discovered that Zero waste living is definitely harder than it sounds. It made me aware of the number of unnecessary waste people throw. The experience also made me very cautious of what objects I had in my kitchen and whether they were widely recycled or not. I am currently working on magazine layout designs and hopefully will create some of my images using the darkroom. As for my secondary research, I have read many articles on the zero waste lifestyle. I also researched the Artefact magazine to analyse their magazine layouts in order to see how I may design my magazine layout.

In conclusion, I am very happy with the way I am working on this project. I believe I have improved my time management in comparison to the previous project.  If I could change anything, I would have made the week-long experiment a bit more challenging so that I may actually know the daily lifestyle of those living life waste free.